Round Rock Home Inspection Reveals Dryer Vent Problem

Dryer vent into the garage.
The main vent thru the roof is a problem, so the owner vented the dryer directly into the garage.

When your clothes dryer does not vent to the exterior of the house, your asking for trouble. All the moisture produced by the dryer remains in the house causing a variety of moisture problems with the potential for mold, rusting of tools and other items in the garage. The lint produced can get all over everything in the garage causing a potential fire hazard. Clothes dryer vents should terminate on the exterior of the house, no exceptions.

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  • Yes i see this to. Some people put the vent in the garage.They think the line can not be fixed.They also don’t know that it is a code violation to vent in the garage. That is why it is important that. They have a licensed contractor or C-DET certified dryer exhaust technician look at there vent line. So that it gets fixed right the first time.

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