Round Rock Home Inspector Receives Great Review from Warranty Inspection

Magnificent.  I received a response for a meeting for making repairs  nearly instantly.  I doubt they have had such thorough  reports as this.
  I also called the lady interested in my stove and referred her to the electrician you  suggested.
 Thank you again for your fine work and the piece of mind it has given me.  See you out at the farm, maybe Easter.
 The delay in my response was due to the fact I did not have access to download the report.  Guess I have to get on Jeff about my inferior product I have. 
   Thanks again,  Jane

This lady was a little hesitate to use me because my price was higher then some other inspectors in this retirement community, but she said they hadn’t been finding much. While my report revealed a crack in the wall, some nail pops, issues with the seals on her exterior doors, and a major problem with the a/c unit with rust in the drain pan. These are just a few of the issues I sited.

If you have purchased

Round Rock Home Inspector finds many issues in a warranty inspection.

Rust in the a/c drain pan, possible coil issues.

 a new home and before your year warranty period is up schedule an inspection and have the piece of mind that no major issues have developed, and that all systems are functioning properly.

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