Round Rock Home Inspector Reveals a Crack Above Garage Door Lintel

Crack in masonry veneer at a garage lintel
Masonry veneer crack at the garage door lintel

The crack in the masonry veneer at this garage door lintel could possibly indicate there is some movement in the foundation, possible wall tie issues, or bracing issues to the walls of the house, or expansion issues possibly needing control joints. There is also a masonry crack in the gable of this lintel in the center of the door with several other masonry cracks located around the structure.

With no other indication inside the house of doors binding to jambs, window issues and sheet rock cracks and foundation movement, it would lead me to believe the issue is more a masonry problem possibly due to expansion.
These cracks should be repaired to keep moisture out and causing additional problems. I would recommend a professional mason to evalute the problem and to make needed repairs and add some control joints.
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  • Hi Charles. Thanks for sharing this article. As a home inspector I understand completely what you’re talking about here but perhaps some of the more intricate details you may wish to simplify so that your readers who are not home inspectors can get more from this post. Just a suggestion 🙂

    I hope work is taking care of you and your schedule is full out there in Texas. Stay safe!

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