Round Rock Home Inspector Discovers Cracks in Rock Veneer

Round Rock Home Inspector discovers cracks in the rock veneer.

Mortar crack in rock veneer

Several cracks where observed in the rock veneer around the house. These cracks should be pointed up or sealed to keep moisture from entering the crack and causing additional problems.

Cracks like these can be caused by differential movement in the foundation and/or movement in the framing. Wall ties should also be considered if they are not properly spaced to hold the masonry to the framing.

To find out what maybe causing problems in the home you are considering purchasing call Gateway Inspections for a thorough inspection. You don’t want to get stuck buying a “Money Pit” and have costly unexpected post closing expenses!

We deliver a computerize inspection report complete with photographs of the issues we have uncovered. So don’t wait, schedule your inspection today and get the peace of mind you deserve when buying your next home! Call 512 639 9905.

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