Round Rock Home Inspector Finds Needed Repairs In Log Home

Cracks and checks in the exterior logs repairs are recommended.

Cracks and checks in exterior logs.

Log homes make very beautiful and interesting homes to live in.  The cracks observed throughout the exterior logs in this home should be filled with the proper caulking and the sealant kept in top shape to keep water and the elements from damaging the logs. Proper care and maintenance should be done on a regular schedule and this log home will last for years to come.

If your purchasing a home, you need an inspector that is thorough and won’t let you get stuck with unexpected post closing expenses! Schedule your inspection today at 512-639-9905 and get the protection and information you need while buying your home.

You will receive a computer generated report complete with color photographs of the issues we uncover. So, don’t wait, schedule your inspection today and get the Peace of Mind you deserve when buying your next home.

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  • Charles:

    I belong to an inspectors group, and we can get it through a site they recommend that works with us. Wish I could be of more help. WordPress works great!

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