Round Rock Home Inspector Finds Missing Duct Mastic

Round Rock Home Inspector discovered the missing mastic on the HVAC ducts. The missing mastic will allow air leakage from the ducts into the attic space. Which means you a simply conditioning the attic space, and that costs you money.

On return air ducts, this can allow for unfiltered air to be drawn into the a/c system. This attic air can be filled with humidity, dust and other contaminates which can collect on your coil and result in repair costs as well as lost energy efficiency.

The Round Rock TX Home Inspector knows to inspect for these types of issues. If you want a home inspector that is so thorough you won’t get stuck buying the “Money Pit”, then you need Gateway Inspections working for you. We have been Protecting Home Buyers for Over Twenty Years, just like you, from getting stuck with unexpected post closing expenses!

You will receive a computer generated report complete with color pictures of the issues we discover. So don’t wait, schedule your inspection today and get the Peace Of Mind you deserve when buying your next home! Call 512-639-9905 to schedule your inspection or email:

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