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Live and Learn: My Home Inspection Experience

If only we would have listened to our home inspector I would not be staring at a wet ceiling.  Here we had just bought a new house a month before and I was concerned about getting furniture arranged and the boxes put away not having to repair a ceiling.  After all we had made sure to research and find one of the best home inspectors in the business that came highly recommended, as well as, an ac inspection done by the heating and cooling specialist our realtor had recommended.  My husband and I knew we wanted to find our own home inspector because I wanted to know the experience level, quality of inspection and that the relationship with previous customers was positive. However, I never thought about checking out the quality of work the heating and cooling company did.

The home inspector we choose, Charles Schiller with Gateway Inspections, came highly recommended and we were impressed that he actually said that he preferred for the buyers to be present during the inspection.  Not only did he prefer for us to be present during the inspection he walked my husband and I through the house with him during the inspection and answered all our questions.  We were blown away by how thorough Mr. Schiller was in his inspection.

For the most part our house looked good but there were a few items he was concerned about and noted in his inspection.  One of the items was our ac unit in our attic not having a float valve and a dark substance (mold) was growing on the condensate line because it was not properly sloped to drain water.  We were really surprised that he went above and beyond to point these issues out to us.  Since we had already lined up the ac technician to come we were sure to get the same report back from them with greater detail.  The air conditioning and heating inspector was not as willing to have us there and could not work out a time that we could be there with him so he did the inspection when we were not present.  When we received the call from the heating and cooling company reporting all was well with the ac unit we were slightly hesitant.  My husband asked the gentleman about needing a float and he said that our inspector was being overzealous and that it is not code to put a float in.  Then we inquired about the mold substance that was growing on the line and he said that he did not see anything and that many units do that and not to worry about it.  This did concern my husband greatly because he had been up in the attic with the home inspector and had witnessed the dark substance growing on the line.  Even though my husband and I had an uneasy feeling about the ac inspection we decided that they were the heating and cooling specialist and we would listen to them.  If only I would have known that a month later I would be looking up at a wet ceiling due to my air conditioning unit!   Had my husband and I simply insisted on having a float valve, as suggested by our home inspector, we would not have had to repair our ceiling.  Upon further investigation the heating and cooling inspector was supposed to blow out the air conditioning line during the inspection which was left undone.  The failure to clean out the line caused the water to back up and with no float valve it continued till it spilled out onto our ceiling.  Our home inspector was not being overzealous but was thorough and knew that a valve float could prevent future mishaps.

The old saying goes “hind sight is 20/20” and we now know this feeling all too well!  My hope is that our experience can help others bypass similar situations.  We did some things spot on but yet others we failed to do our research.  I would suggest to anyone purchasing a house to get a home inspector; not just any home inspector find one highly recommended by multiple sources, and talk with the inspector to make sure you have a good understanding of what they will inspect.  We did this with Gateway Inspections and received an in depth analysis of our home but we missed the mark by not heeding our home inspectors suggestions and ignoring our gut feeling about the inferior heating and cooling inspection.

Amy Waiser

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