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3 Simple Must-Do Home Improvement Projects if You Want Your House To SELL

Article by: Alice T. Chan

In a competitive market, in any market for that matter, there are a few basic home improvement projects that are non-negotiable. They are the ones that can make or break the sale of your home. Those who choose to take their chances and cut corners, pinch pennies, avoid effort…live to regret it. Don’t allow yourself to be one of those people.

Here are 3 simple MUST-DO home improvement projects IF you want your house to SELL!

Flooring – Many sellers think it’s a better idea to give a buyer credit to choose their own carpet when they move into the house. The problem is, the majority of those buyers can’t see beyond what’s currently in the home. That old, dirty or outdated carpet usually deters them from purchasing the home altogether OR if they do, they will low-ball the offer. This includes worn hardwood flooring, poorly installed laminate, and old, outdated tile or vinyl. Take care of upgrading these features BEFORE putting your home on the market AND ensure that the type of product you install is at a quality level commensurate with the value of your property. You wouldn’t want to put the same type of flooring in a $300,000 home that you would in a $1,000,000 property. The buyers will know and they will NOT be pleased. Remember, flooring is the foundation (literally) for the home’s interior so make it count.

Paint – Touch up paint just does not do the job. The color (even if it came out of the same can) won’t match due to time, wear, and fading. I have seen touch ups done in the wrong finish. Then your wall just looks like it has a skin condition. Do yourself a favor and invest in a fresh paint job. It will frame the rooms in a clean, fresh manner and fresh paint psychologically engages buyers in the home buying process. It feels like a new home to them and that’s what you want – for them to envision themselves in their new home.

Window Treatments – Fancy drapery are personalized items that generally don’t add a lot of value to the resale process. In fact, it can hinder it. It is usually my recommendation that drapery be removed unless it truly complements the décor and furnishings. If your drapery keeps much needed sunlight from coming through, is mismatched, and does not complement the home’s interior, I highly recommend removing it. Also, if you have blinds that are warped, dusty, and broken, it’s time to replace them. Keep in mind that there are two levels of window treatment. Blinds and shades are for light filtration and privacy and drapery is to frame the windows and add softness and color. For selling purposes, blinds are all that’s really needed. Leaving windows naked can be a negative in many cases and is not advisable. The home just doesn’t look finished and it can be a magnet for burglars.

Having helped hundreds of clients prepare their houses to sell, these 3 home improvement projects were always addressed. This is also the reason I decided to incorporate products from Empire Today into my schedule of services. Empire Today has quality, name-brand products which include Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, Ceramic, Vinyl Flooring and Window Treatments. I am very impressed with their product selection and their next day installation service which is especially important with home selling clients. I invite you to contact me for an in-home consultation to discuss product options. Whether you are selling now or later, I will always keep the resale value and the prospective target buyer in mind.

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