Cranberry Tea – Holiday Drink – Beverage

Cranberry's For Holiday Tea

Cranberry Tea is a family holiday favor and the recipe is simple and easy to make.

INGREDIENTS: simple syrup: 2 cups of water 2 cups sugar
1 (1 lb.)bag cranberries, 2 qt. water, 3 cinnamon sticks, 1 cup orange juice, 2 tbsp. real lemon juice

INSTRUCTIONS: Boil water and sugar 7 minutes. Wash berries. Boil berries with cinnamon sticks – Boil until berries pop. Boil a little longer. Drain off juice into container. Save cinnamon sticks. Mix berry juice, simple syrup, orange juice, lemon juice and cinnamon sticks. Serve hot. We make this before Thanksgiving. Keep refrigerated. Warm and serve through Christmas holidays. Keeps well and nice to have. ENJOY

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