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Home Safety and GFCI Protected Outlets

Home Safety and GFCI Protected Outlets


As a licensed professional home inspector, I test electrical outlets every day during home inspections. Ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCI is an inexpensive electrical device that can either be installed in your electrical system or built into a power cord.

These devices are used to protect you from severe electrical shocks, burns and injuries by detecting ground faults.

A ground fault is an unintentional electrical path between a power source and a grounded surface.  Ground faults most often occur when equipment is damaged or defective, such that live electrical parts are no longer adequately protected from unintended contact. If your body provides a path to the ground for this current, you could be burned, severely shocked or electrocuted.

Areas that GFCI protection should be in or around all wet areas such as:

Pools, hot tubs, and receptacles that are located:

  • Outdoors
  • Bathrooms
  • Garages
  • Kitchens and island cabinets
  • Wet bars
  • Laundry rooms/utility sinks
  • Crawl spaces/basement
  • Near pools or spas

Consider using a GFCI protected cord if you are using power equipment outdoors.

GFCI’s can be damaged by voltage surges from lightning, utility switching or simply for normal usage and there may be no outward evidence or damage. If they are not working properly, they are not protecting you from shock or electrocution.

GFCI receptacles should be tested once a month it takes no special equipment or devices to test the plugs. To test a GFCI:

  1. Push the RESET button
  2. Plug in a night –light or similar device
  3. The night –light should be ON
  4. Press the TEST button
  5. The night-light should turn OFF
  6. Push the RESET button again
  7. The night- light should turn back ON
  8. If the night-light did not turn off, the GFCI is not working properly.

Malfunctioning GFCI’s do not provide shock protection. I recommend having a licensed electrician check the GFCI and correct the problem if your GFCI is not working.

Many home injuries can be avoided each year by using and testing these devices.

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Summer Time Home Energy Saving Tip

Summer Time Energy Saving Tip

Extremely hot summer months make living conditions uncomfortable and can really warm our houses even with the air conditioners working full time. Adding ceiling fans to your rooms can help your skin feel cooler than the thermostat setting and allow you to raise the thermostat setting perhaps a couple of degrees, saving you energy and money.

Just remember to turn those fans off in unoccupied rooms. Fans cool people not rooms; you are using energy by leaving the fans on if there isn’t anyone in the room.

Keep cool this summer and keep the fans operating.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Shares Exploding Water Heater

Round Rock Home Inspector shares this video to show how important it is to make sure the temperature and pressure relief valve is functioning properly. If not it can be like a bomb going off in your house.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Adds Zillow Badge

Charles Schiller on Zillow

Click this link to check out this Zillow profile. Search for homes to buy on Zillow and find all your home buying and home inspection needs.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Radio Interview

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Listen to this fun and exciting radio interview with Charles Schiller President of Gateway Inspections Inc by Hurdie Burk Internet Radio Program located in Round Rock Texas. Hurdie always keeps his shows interesting and fast moving.

Get the all the interesting information about home inspections, why a buyer should have a home inspection and general information about Charles Schiller and Gateway Inspections Inc.

After your home inspection, you will receive a computer generated report complete with color pictures of the issues we uncover. So don’t delay schedule your home inspection today and get the Peace Of Mind you deserve when buying your next home.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Giving Peace Of Mind

Round Rock Home Inspector has been doing home inspections in the Round Rock, Georgetown, Williamson County, Travis County  and central Texas area for over twenty years. Charles Schiller is a Professional licensed TREC home inspector #2717.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Shows How To Inspect Toilets Round Rock Home Inspector discusses how to inspect a toilet. With all the steps it takes just to inspect a toilet, would you know how to inspect the rest of the house your are purchasing.

Don’t trust the inspection of your next home to an amateur, get the inspector with the construction back ground, who knows both how and what to look.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Interviews Dryer Vent Doc Round Rock Home Inspector interviews Jim Wielenga with Dryer Vent Doc. Home inspections should include inspecting the dryer vents. Dryer vent fires are estimated to be over 16,000 each years. Home maintenance should include cleaning the dryer vent ducts.

If your looking for a home inspector that will give you the Peace of Mind you deserve when purchasing your next home then call 512-639-9905 today and schedule your home inspection.

You will receive a comprehensive computer generated report complete with color pictures of the issues we uncover.

Jim Wielenga says “A Clean Vent is a Healthy Vent” Thank you Jim for the interview.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Says Change Your HVAC Filters

Replace with High Quality HVAC Filters

Dirty Air Filters

Hi, I’m Charles Schiller I have been a professional licensed property inspector in Texas for over twenty years.

As a licensed home inspector I have looked at many Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems. Most of these have had dirty air filters. Dirty air filters directly affect the performance of your HVAC system.

Or worst yet, using cheap filters can cause your A/C coils to look like the filter above. This can cause your efficiency of your unit to drop or even freeze your coil. In a cubic foot of air there are 250,000 dust particles 5-10 microns in size. The ones you can see in a beam of sunlight are over 10 microns.

All the organic material goes through the air handler 4 times per hour by code. It happens that the A/C Coil is a better filter than most throw away store bought filters.
I have recently been introduced to a great HVAC filter and I wanted to share this information with you.

The Solution to these issues is THE GREEN SCREEN air filter.


• Collects about twice as much as an Ultra Allergen pleated filter, lasts twice as long and is LESS expensive
• Anti-Microbial = healthier air = LESS ALLERGY SYMPTOMS
• Better Air Flow = less stress on the unit = lower ENERGY costs = $4 to $8 per/month saved per filter
• More Efficient = less maintenance = longer Life for the A/C unit
• Better on Environment – you only throw away the filter, the aluminum frame is permanent.
• Convenient – shipped to your door with email reminders it’s time to change the filter or to reorder.
• Residential and Commercial Applications
• Last up to two times longer

THE GREEN SCREEN air filter is engineered to collect more dust and harmful particles with Better air flow! It filters out dust mite material, allergens, mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses riding on dust particles.
Store bought filters or even the expensive 2” to 6” wide box media filters can be replaced with THE GREEN SCREEN filters for only $11, 13 or 15 dollars depending on the size of your filters. The filters last twice as long, which make THE GREEN SCREEN filters VERY ECONOMICAL.

For additional information and to order: or reply to Charles Schiller at: email:


Round Rock Home Inspector Checks For Recalls On Appliances

Round Rock Home Inspector checks the appliances in the homes he inspectors for manufacturers recalls. It is important to have the appliances checked during a home inspection for these recalls. Using Recallchek to make sure the appliances that come with the home you are buying can give you the Peace of Mind you deserve when buying your next home.

Now you can order a recall check on your home appliances without having a home inspection. Simple click the link below and see if your appliances have any manufacturers recalls! All this can be done for only $29.95.