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Tank Less Water Heaters Which Type To Buy

Good information about tank less water heaters.

Preparing For A Home Inspection

Preparing for a home inspection

If you are selling your house, here are some way to make your home inspection go smoother, with fewer concerns to delay closing.

  1. Make sure the inspector has access, not only to the house, but also the the furnace, water heater, and air conditioning units (especially in closets, attics and crawlspaces).
  2. Remove items blocking access to HVAC equipment, electric service panels, water heaters, attic etc.
  3. Check to see that the garage is open and that any water heater, utility panels and shutoffs and resets for ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) within are accessible.
  4. Unlock areas the inspector must access, such as attic doors, electric service panels, closets, fence gates and crawlspaces.
  5. Ensure that all utility services are on, with gas pilot lights burning.
  6. Be sure pets won’t hinder the inspection. Ideally, they should be removed from the premises or secured outside. Tell your agent about any pets at home.
  7. Replace burned-out bulbs to avoid a “light did not operate” report that may suggest an electrical problem.
  8. Remove stored items, debris and wood from the foundation. These may be cited as conditions conducive to wood-destroying insects.
  9. Trim tree limbs to 10 feet from the roof and shrubs to 1 foot from the house to allow access.
  10. Attend to broken or missing items such as door-knobs, locks and latches, windowpanes, screens and locks, and gutters, downspouts and chimney caps.

Checking these areas before you home inspection is an investment in selling your property, and will expedite your closing.


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February TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter Meeting

Thank You Todd Ver Weire for the great presentation last night at the TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC) meeting. The tips on how to protect your business was well presented and everyone had questions. Thanks once again to Todd Ver Weire with Law Office of Todd Ver Weire 512-368-7202

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Round Rock Home Inspector Receives New Construction Testimonial

Round Rock Home Inspector received this great video testimonial from a very satisfied home inspection client.

In fact, Lesker is so satisfied he has scheduled a Home Warranty Inspection due when at his 12 month anniversary date. That allows him to get back with his home builder to repair any items that are under warranty.

If you are buying a new home, schedule your home inspection now at 512-639-9905 and get the Peace of Mind you deserve when buying your next home!

You will receive a comprehensive computer generated report complete with color pictures of the issues we uncover. So don’t delay, schedule your inspection today.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Discusses How to Clean Whirlpool Tub

Round Rock Home Inspector finds all kinds of stuff coming out of whirlpool tubs jets during home inspections. As a licensed home inspector home safety is always a concern. The information is intended to make whirlpool tub owners aware that they need to clean their tubs.

If you want a home inspector that is so thorough you won’t get stuck buying a “Money Pit” then you need Gateway Inspections working for you.

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