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Preparing for a Home Inspection

 Preparing for a Home Inspection


If you are selling your house, here are some ways to make your home inspection go smoother, with fewer concerns to delay closing.

  1. Make sure the inspector has access, not only to the house, but also to the furnace, water heater and air- conditioning units (especially in closets, attics and crawlspaces).
  2. Remove items blocking access to HVAC equipment, electric service, panels, water heaters, etc.
  3. Check to see that the garage is open and that any water heater, utility panel and shutoffs and resets for ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) within are accessible.
  4. Unlock areas the inspector must access, such as attic doors or hatches, electric service panels, closets, fence gates and crawlspaces.
  5. Ensure that all utility services are on, with gas pilot lights burning.
  6. Be sure pets won’t hinder the inspection. Ideally, they should be removed from the premises or secured outside. Tell your agent about any pets at home.
  7. Replace burned-out bulbs to avoid a “light did not operate” report that may suggest an electrical problem.
  8. Remove stored items, debris and wood from the foundation. These may be cited as conditions conducive to wood-destroying insects.
  9. Trim tree limbs to 10 feet from the roof and shrubs to 1 foot from the house to allow access.
  10. Attend to broken or missing items such as doorknobs, locks and latches, windowpanes, screens and locks, and gutters, downspouts and chimney caps.


Checking these areas before your home inspection is an investment in selling your property, and will expedite your closing.

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Prep Your Home Before Your Next Trip

Prep Your Home Before Your Next Trip
Are you looking forward to a summer vacation? Before packing your bags and hitting the road, here’s a checklist to make sure your home will stay safe and secure until you get back.
Hold, Please: A pile of mail or newspapers on the front porch is like a sign that says, “We’re not home!” Make sure to put your newspapers and mail on hold, or ask a trusted neighbor to gather both for you.
Keep the Lawn Trimmed: Likewise, an overgrown lawn could signal to burglars that the home is temporarily empty. Consider scheduling lawn care while you’re away.
Keep the Lights On: Another way to deter would-be burglars is to install safety lights that have a motion sensor outdoors. Adding a programmable timer for indoor lights is another good idea.
Eyes on the Ground: Consider webcam options to monitor your home, or ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your place while you’re away. Make sure they have your contact information in case something goes wrong and they need to reach you.
Lock Up: Prior to your trip, check that all locking mechanisms function properly and repair any broken locks. Lock all doors, windows and openings like pet doors before you leave.
Unplug: Unplug energy vampires. Doing this will save energy and also help you relax, knowing you didn’t leave something on.
Temperature Control: Close curtains and blinds and adjust your thermostat to the desired temperature for your home while you’re away.
Enjoy your trip knowing that you’ve taken steps to keep your home secure and efficient until you’re back in town!
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Have a great summer.
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Home Inspector Does Radio Show

Charles Schiller President of Gateway Inspections Inc, a professional home inspection company licensed in Texas, is invited to talk about home inspections on the Hurdie Burke radio program.

We discuss things like issues found during home inspections, take a listen to the link below.

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Charles Schiller

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Dryer Vent Next to HVAC Home Inspection The Round Rock Home Inspector inspects for proper location of dryer vents. Vents should not be installed near an a/c condensor. The dryer lint can be pulled into the cooling coil and restrict the air flow. Over time this will affect performance of HVAC unit and cost you money.

Round Rock Home Inspector has been Protecting Home Buyers for 20 years, protecting them from getting stuch with unexspected post closing expenses. So don’t delay schedule your home inspection today at: and get a free quote.

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Gateway Inspections Inc

Garage Door Sensors Placement Issues Home Inspection Round Rock Home Inspector finds sensors not properly installed on the door. This can be a very dangerous issue for childrens safety. Garage door openers are always inspected during a home inspection along with the full operation of the garage door.

Round Rock Home Inspector has been protecting home buyers for over 20 years from those unexpected post closing expenses. So don’t delay schedule your home inspection day at: to schedule and for a free quote.

You will receive a comprhensive computer generated report complete with color photos of the issues we uncover.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Shares Exploding Water Heater

Round Rock Home Inspector shares this video to show how important it is to make sure the temperature and pressure relief valve is functioning properly. If not it can be like a bomb going off in your house.

Round Rock Home Inspector can keep you from getting stuck with those unexpected post closing expenses! So don’t delay, schedule your home inspection today at 512-639-9905 or email for a quote.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Receives Gold Star Recommendation

Todd Frank has endorsed your work as Professional Real Estate Inspector at Gateway Inspections Inc.

Dear Charles,

Details of the Recommendation: “Charles has assisted my family with buying multiple homes in central texas. Issues that only an expericenced inspector could find have allowed the purchase prices to be sucessfully mitigated by many thousands of dollars. Charles is worth his weight is GOLD…”

Schedule your home inspection today and get the Peace of Mind you deserve when buying your home!




Round Rock Home Inspector Adds Zillow Badge

Charles Schiller on Zillow

Click this link to check out this Zillow profile. Search for homes to buy on Zillow and find all your home buying and home inspection needs.

With your home inspection you will receive a computer generated report complete with color pictures of the issues we uncover. So don’t delay schedule your home inspection today.

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Round Rock Home Inspector Radio Interview

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Listen to this fun and exciting radio interview with Charles Schiller President of Gateway Inspections Inc by Hurdie Burk Internet Radio Program located in Round Rock Texas. Hurdie always keeps his shows interesting and fast moving.

Get the all the interesting information about home inspections, why a buyer should have a home inspection and general information about Charles Schiller and Gateway Inspections Inc.

After your home inspection, you will receive a computer generated report complete with color pictures of the issues we uncover. So don’t delay schedule your home inspection today and get the Peace Of Mind you deserve when buying your next home.

Gateway Inspections Inc

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Round Rock Home Inspector Discusses Home Safety With GFCI’s

Home Safety and GFCI Protected Outlets

As a licensed professional home inspector, I test electrical outlets every day during home inspections. Ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCI is an inexpensive electrical device that can either be installed in your electrical system or built into a power cord.


These devices are used to protect you from severe electrical shocks, burns and injuries by detecting ground faults.

GFCI Outlet


A ground fault is an unintentional electrical path between a power source and a

grounded surface.  Ground faults most often occur when equipment is damaged

or defective, such that live electrical parts are no longer adequately protected

from unintended contact. If your body provides a path to the ground for this

current, you could be burned, severely shocked or electrocuted.


Areas that GFCI protection should be in or around all wet areas such as:

Pools, hot tubs, and receptacles that are located:

  • Outdoors
  • Bathrooms
  • Garages
  • Kitchens and island cabinets
  • Wet bars
  • Laundry rooms/utility sinks
  • Crawl spaces/basements


Consider using a GFCI protected cord if you are using power equipment outdoors.


GFCI receptacles should be tested often. It takes no special equipment or device to test, just simply push the test button. It should trip, and then push the reset button to power up the outlet. If it does not trip you should have the receptacle replaced.


Many home injuries can be avoided each year by using and testing these devices.


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